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September 19, 2018

Haldeman/Glen Oaks Insurance Group is New Insurance Option for Tomah, WI Area

Haldeman/Glen Oaks Insurance Group is New Insurance Option for Tomah, WI Area

Lance Haldeman is neither new to the insurance industry or to the Tomah, WI area, but he believes his insurance agency is bringing something new to the individuals and businesses in the Tomah area. 


“I founded Glen Oaks Insurance Group with the belief that customers benefit by having options and an knowledgeable agent who is there to help them find the best possible combination of coverage and price.”  Haldeman adds that his agency has been experiencing rapid growth as customers are attracted to the different options available.  “Different insurance companies frequently look at customer attributes differently.  If you are with an insurance agency that only works with one insurance company, it is unlikely you are getting the best deal possible.  We work with a carefully selected group of companies that are competitive in various customer situations, dramatically increasing our ability to help customers.” 


Lance says that he is developing a structure to provide the Tomah area with high quality coverage options, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service.  He indicates they are currently in Tomah several times per week, and aim to have a full time presence within a year.  “We work with customers across 5 states, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, and Florida, that being said the Tomah area will always be a region that we will serve.” 


“Our likelihood of being able to help customers receive better coverage, better price, or both, is very high.”  Lance says that each situation is different, but the amount of savings he has been seeing are significant.  “Saving someone $500 per year happens frequently, and customers have reported much larger savings than that.”


Glen Oaks Insurance Group is located at 1609 Landmark Drive, Cottage Grove, WI.  You can reach the agency at 608-478-3648 or Lance.Haldeman@glenoaksinsurance.com.


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or visit www.glenoaksinsurance.com.

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